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Awe Meditation: Final Text

John Williams 96 · Overview Meditation FinalmixSit back, get comfortable for a listening only experience. This version includes relaxing and inspiring video and photos of Earth and the stars. The Final Text: We'll start our experience by getting comfortable. Sit in a...

Overview Effect

This past week, our group spent alot of time on the Overview Effect for our group project. Indeed, my mind has been in this place as I work to create an Overview Effect during meditation. One thing to explore and consider one day with the Overview Effect is that it's...

Empathy & Technology – Final Project Log  Read the full transcript of the Awe MeditationProject Log: April 28, 2020 - Uploaded YouTube link Reversed chronology of this blog for easier reading. And to bring the links to...

HitPoint Puck – Final Project Design Methods

Overview Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are used in an array of applications from providing reading light to turn signals on vehicles. Most applications simply convey information. The material exploration centers on the property and contexts of the colors of LEDs...

Creative Tech: Final Project

Creative Tech: Final Project

Building on my Milky Way natural scene creator from Design Challenge 6, my final project is an interactive postcard generator with the National Solar Observatory’s Inouye Solar Telescope as the main attraction. The telescope is nearing completion in Hawaii. I wanted a way to inspire and educate the public about the telescope and the Sun while creating something.

Research vs Making

After reading Thomas Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions in the 80s, I am hesitant to even use the word paradigm as a means of describing something new. Evolution was a new paradigm in biology. Copernicus broke the astronomical paradigm of an earth-centered...

Exploring My Design Method

Exploring My Design Method

Celeste's talk got me thinking about my own design method and particularly my favorite parts and most difficult parts of the process. Difficulties:Finishing a project - more laterDocumentation Favorite/most enjoyable partsIdea CreationProblem...

Color Fun

Color Fun

While exploring and experimenting how shadows cast by separate red, green and blue lights could convey information I started experimenting with various colors and patterns, I became interested in seeing if I could hide simple information within geometric patterns. Can...

Design Challenge 9

Design Challenge 9

I have a real love of huge cavernous sci fi rooms. The sense of space in these large control rooms, bridges and spacecraft bays really completes a sense of design on a grand scale. So, to commemorate our final Design Challenge, I created this huge hangar for a fictitious ATLAS cohort.

Week 1 Exploration

November 4, 2019 What insights emerged from my material exploration so far? I think my biggest insight this week isn’t about the material itself but about how I’m thinking about the project. I have an idea that I want to bring to life. And it’s causing me to be stuck...

Reflections: 10/20/2019

What did I make this week? What did I learn from what I made? This week, I've had a lot of ideas about what I could make: to finish Constellora, to finish a constellation locator, to finish my portfolio ( And to attach a webcam to a Raspberry Pi to...

Capactive Touch

With an Adafruit Feather M0 microprocessor and a resistor, our team of Anna Cook, Aldric Saucier and myself investigated the affordances of capacitive touch. The Capacitive Sensing Misdirection PDF documentation created by Anna Cook is attached.


Brian Costanza, Ming Xue and I collaborated on creating StrawStix as our Chindogu project. The Chindogu Project PDF we created is attached.